• Vision King’s Lynn

Vision King’s Lynn


Town Investment Plan theme: Sustainably connected town

The active and clean connectivity package is a series of interventions to encourage the shift to Active Travel in line with current Government policy.


The proposed interventions help to deliver on the Borough Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency and the emerging (awaiting formal approval from both Norfolk County Council and the Borough Council) Kings Lynn Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), whilst responding to local transport and health demands.

The project is formed of four key streams:

  • an out-of-town Active Travel Hub on the Nar Ouse Enterprise Zone. The hub will offer car parking alongside secure cycle parking and changing facilities and will provide an ideal location to promote sustainable travel on bus, bike and foot into the town centre.
  • Improvements to the town’s cycling and walking infrastructure. These will help meet many of the key findings from the recent Walking and Cycling Survey.
  • Changes to the existing gyratory system that will enable and encourage more people to walk or cycle into the town centre in
  • Development of active travel plans to assist local businesses to encourage active travel to and from workplaces.

The project will also aim to help to address poor air quality around the town centre, where some parts of the town have been designated Air Quality Management Areas.

The project is being led by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk with input from Norfolk County Council.


  • Spring 2022:

    Stage 1

    Design options and costings and initial consultation on concepts



Feedback to start once first phase of the project is underway.