• Vision King’s Lynn

Vision King’s Lynn


New opportunities for skills and jobs for our young people and all those affected by Covid 19 and needing to reskill, linked to demand from local employers and opportunities in local sectors.


The Kings Lynn Youth Retraining Pledge (KLYRP) brings together a unique partnership of local organisations – with leadership and support from local councils – to transform the prospects of some of the most marginalised young people in the town.

Our partnership will ensure that more than 400 young people facing the most significant barriers to accessing learning and work are able to recognise their talents and realise their potential, while providing a support framework that will increase the skills within our local workforce.

The project will develop a range of engagement and support activities for young people, raising aspirations and promoting accessible support activities, specialist training provision and employment opportunities.

It will provide:

  • A conduit to Careers/IAG and youth support services,
  • A central information point and referral mechanism, maximising local engagement with regional/countywide provision such as European Social Fund and prospective Shared Prosperity Fund programmes,
  • A co-ordinating agency for education and business links in the locality, increasing opportunities for young people and developing a local response to workforce skills requirements.


  • April 2022

    Stage 1

    Implementation phase

  • July 2022

    Stage 2

    Launch phase
  • August 2022

    Stage 3

    Main delivery phase to December 2023

  • January 2024

    Stage 4

    Exit phase until March 2024

  • March 2024

    Stage 5

    Project close

  • June 2024

    Stage 6

    Financial completion


Project documents to be added at a later date.


Feedback to start once first phase of the project is underway.