• Vision King’s Lynn

Vision King’s Lynn


Town Investment Plan theme: Innovative, growing business and skilled workforce

This project aims to create a modern, accessible library, learning, and community hub in the heart of King’s Lynn town centre.

The hub would be a flagship facility for the town, bringing together the library, adult learning, and careers and employability support alongside a range of services that meet the needs of local people.


Whilst the detail of the hub’s offer is to be developed, it is envisaged that the community, library services, and learning and skills would be at the core of the hub. But it would also be able to offer much more.  It would also be a place that could provide a springboard into employment, into entrepreneurship, and into education in the town, for better life and career prospects.

It could be a place where people can find information and resources around jobs, careers, training, education, health and wellbeing. And, it could be a place to access a range of activities, including for families and children.

Whilst the preferred location for the hub is to be finalised, any future site would benefit from being closer to shops and services, the bus station, and the rail station, making a visit more convenient, and bringing footfall into the town.

Library and adult learning services are currently delivered in the Carnegie building. The Carnegie building is much valued and any future use would be respectful of its heritage, supported by the community, and sustainable. The historic book collections currently kept in the existing library would continue to be cared for, connecting the community with local history.

The project is led by Norfolk County Council working with the Skills Working Group.


  • December to January 2022:

    Stage 1

    Consultation for the project

  • Early 2022:

    Stage 2

    Consultation findings published
  • Spring 2022:

    Stage 3

    Business case submitted for Town Deal Board review


Project documents to be added at a later date.


Feedback to start once first phase of the project is underway.